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/ GT _Pank

Shower seat distinguished by a classic design and technical stainless steel mechanism, with a bold sailing theme.
Available in Corian® and with all the heat-treated wood finishes in the collection.

/ Swing _Pank

90° swivel shower seat with built-in mechanism and available in ash wood, Hemlock and heat-treated Lati and in Corian®, designed to be combined with all the showers in our collection.

/ Pank TT

Minimal seat in ash wood and heat-treated Lati, featuring essential and pure silhouettes. The tapered seat surfaces and load-bearing sides provides a particularly simple yet elegant styling appeal.

/ Life Stool
Life stool is a floorstanding seat for the bathroom and the shower area with a strong nordic look, characterized by simplicity, detail care and functionality. It is available in Corian® GW and in 3 nuances of thermo-treated wood. Its smooth profile has 2 holes for a safer hold and its frame is in varnished metal.

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