/ Lo spirito di stella 2.0, sogno realtà nella cultura for All _ Event

One of the four conferences about Design for All and accessible interior planning was held today at the Biblioteca Internazionale “La Vigna” in Vicenza.The cultural institute is located in the evocative nineteenth century Palazzo Brusarosco-Zaccaria, named “Casa Gallo” after undergoing restoration works by architect Carlo Scarpa in the early 60ies.

The event has been organized by ISAI, the Interior Design School, and the Professional Association of Architects in Vicenza. The theme  was “Lo spirito di stella 2.0, sogno realtà nella cultura for all” crowded with architects, designers and students.

The conference was held by Andrea Stella, skipper of the famous catamaran “Lo Spirito di Stella“, and Giulio Gianturco, designer of our Life shower for all, previewed this year at the Salone del Mobile in Milano.

During the meeting Stella spoke about his life experience. In August 2000, while on vacation in Miami, he was shot by some car thieves and left paraplegic. He wound up rebuilding his life from a wheelchair. He devoted himself to designing and producing a catamaran according to the principles of universal design. The accessibility makes it a benchmark in the designing field, becoming a case study in the most important design schools of the world.

Giulio Gianturco, physician and designer passionate about sailing himself, has illustrated the complex process behind Life, shower for all, designed to meet the demands of everyone.

The shower systems was conceived after noticing that the current offer neglects completely both aesthetical and practical requirements especially for people in need of assistance.

Elegant and minimalistic, Life redefines shower space combining both showering and drying thanks to The Body Dryer integrated in the technical wall. While being inside the shower, in a warm and comfortable space it is also possible to have a look in the mirror, shave and dry the hair. Life is a place of wellness for All. Thanks to a revolving platform the user can rotate while sitting on the elegant stool with lateral handles and use the different integrated functions.

Accessibility is a strength for everyone, hence Makro has a rational approach when managing space along with paying particular attention to the bathroom functionality.