/ Life: A for All system redefining shower space

Introduced for the first time during the Salone del Mobile 2016, Life is a for All shower system that combines both performance and aesthetics. The designer Giulio Gianturco had the inspiration to develop a shower as an answer to the demands of those who love to indulge in an all-around shower, always keeping in mind the needs of children, the elderly and people with temporary impairment.

Life is a flexible integrated system due to the opportunity to combine its component according to the users’ needs. To its greatest extent it consists of a shower tray, a technical wall and a transparent crystal glass.

The unique floor flush shower tray in Solid Surface is the real innovation. By themselves or assisted, Life allows to wash and dry in comfort and relax. Thanks to a revolving platform the user can rotate while sitting on the elegant stool with lateral handles and use the different integrated functions. It offers the freedom of movement without forgetting the design features, typical of our brand. The rotating tray can be blocked or unblocked using the lock and unlock system.

The Body Dryer integrated in the technical wall allows the user to dry off without using any towel, while being inside the shower in a warm and comfortable space where it is also possible to look in the mirror, shave and dry the hair. The shower system is fully made in Solid Surface – Makril, but the seat and the shelf with integrated Ox series taps are also available in thermo-treated Hemlock.

Life is a shower system that redefines space and integrates functions never thought of before while respecting the prerogatives of a high profile design.

Photo Credit © Thomas Pagani