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MAKRO company was founded halfway through the 1990s with the aim of developing innovative concepts and products for the bathroom, thanks to the expertise and know-how acquired by its founders after working for years on projects and on-site. From the very beginning, the idea has been to manufacture products with new technical and construction features, in order to meet the planning requirements and solve the on-site building problems. Makro is the first company in the bathroom scene to introduce some innovative concepts, such as that of under-mount bathtubs and floor-flush shower trays that have developed a new way of thinking, planning and furnishing the bathroom and that are, to this day, the most distinctive products of the entire range. In 2006 the company launches the first bathtub-shower system, a composition of bathtubs and showers which later evolves into MAKRO SYSTEMS: a new way of out looking and designing the bathroom as an architectural theme.

Even this time the company is the first to introduce the bathroom as an integrated system of showers, bathtubs, consoles, mirrors and technical walls ready to be customized as needed with different claddings, finishes and colors which earned Makro the selection by the Permanent Observatory of Design for the publication on the 2013 ADI Design Index. The company has always paid the utmost attention to materials as the basis of its pursuit of product innovation, often anticipating trends and fashions, involving a large number of partners in its experimentations, yet with its mind always set on the renewed values of equity, sustainability and energy savings, which are at the core of the new global concern. With precise and bold aesthetics and a rigorous design for a refined and demanding public, the products have been appreciated by the best retailers and by the most important design studios for their uniqueness and their contemporary appeal. In recent years the strengthening of the brand and its positioning in a mature, high profile and growing market have been confirmed by the fulfillment of a considerable number of projects in the hotel, naval and accommodation sectors in general, in Italy and throughout the world.